Renters’ Rights Awareness Week



Beginning on the 17th September and running throughout the week, our project partner Generation Rent will be hosting a Renters’ Rights Awareness Week. The week will offer free webinars on various renting issues.

Throughout the summer, we hosted numerous Know Your Housing Rights workshops for private tenants in Southwark. Since you have told us how useful these have been for you, here is your chance to learn more about your tenant rights.

From the 17th – 23rd of September, Generation Rent will offer free webinars on various renting issues. The webinars are designed to give tenants an opportunity to explore their rights and get a better understanding of them. The webinars will cover the following topics:

  • energy efficiency
  • how to respond to the threat of an illegal eviction
  • what to do if your landlord won’t repair an issue with your home
  • how to make sure your tenancy agreement works for you.

If you want to sign up for more information then click here

For a list of local organizations in Southwark that can offer help with all of the above, click on our “Get Support” page here.

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