#RentFreezeNOW – event on 3rd December


renters day of action

London Renters union is organizing #RentFreezeNow – a day of action on December 3rd 2022.

Market reports in 2022 show that London is now experiencing the largest rent increase prices in over 20 years. The cost is pushing renters to spend nearly 50% of their income on rent or be forced out of their homes and communities. Southwark is no different – our research in Summer 2022 showed that a worryingly large proportion of private renters in the borough are increasingly fearful of not being able to afford their rent.

To bring this issue to the forefront, London Renters Union is calling private renters to join the #RentFreezeNOW protest on December 3rd.

To join the union for the action day in Southwark, follow the link here. Based on your residential postcode, a local LRU representative will get in touch and provide you with further details.

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