Happy New Year! What We Achieved In 2022 and What’s In Store For 2023



With the start of a new year and new resolutions, we are looking back on the things we achieved in 2022.

For us, 2022 was a whirlwind year full of achievements! With the continuous support from local organizations and Southwark’s private renters, we have:

  • Delivered nine Know Your Housing Rights workshops in little over six months on various topics – evictions, disrepair, deposits, licensing and court proceedings;
  • Provided an opportunity to over 140 Southwark private tenants to get their housing questions answered by a housing expert;
  • Surveyed nearly 240 of Southwark’s tenants to get their voices heard on their private renting experience;
  • Launched a Southwark private renters’ website with visits going up from week to week!;
  • Hosted a Private Renters’ Conference with over 30 organizations attending to discuss how Southwark’s private rented sector could be improved in the near future;
  • Wrote a proposal to Southwark Council for an establishment of a permanent Southwark Private Renters’ Support Organization to be launched in Spring 2023.

In 2023, we hope for the following:

  • Continuation of informative housing workshops to empower tenants;
  • Establishment of a permanent Southwark Private Renters’ Support Organization sometime in April 2023 (this webpage for the future organization is currently run by an interim project);
  • Your participation! You can contact us via our web form – we would love to hear from you!;
  • Campaigns to better private housing conditions. You can tell us what issue matters to you most via our web form ;
  • Closer working relationship between Southwark’s organizations which offer support to private tenants
  • More fines and prosecutions of rogue landlords who fail to provide good homes to their tenants.

Join us on this journey in 2023!

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