Our Workshop For Private Tenants: Your Q&A

Workshop Q&A

Our workshop for Southwark’s private tenants took place on 20th March in partnership with Southwark Refugee Communities Forum. If you missed it – don’t worry! We have summarized the most prominent questions and answers in this article.

Petition: Legal Aid for Disrepair Cases

mould petition legal aid

GenerationRent has launched a petition seeking to make private renters eligible for legal aid in disrepair cases. The petition hopes to tackle landlord negligence and help tenants recover the damages. While it is the landlord’s legal duty to ensure that their rental properties are kept in a good state of repair, many tenants still live […]

Private Renting Crisis: Why Is It So Bad?

Journalist Lewis Goodall speaks to activists, renters, estate agents and landlords, and asks – why is private renting so bad? The latest TheNewsAgents podcast episode is free to listen and explains why.

Renters’ Rights Awareness Week

Beginning on the 17th September and running throughout the week, our project partner Generation Rent will be hosting a Renters’ Rights Awareness Week offering free webinars on various renting issues.

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