Our Workshop For Private Tenants: Your Q&A

Workshop Q&A

Our workshop for Southwark’s private tenants took place on 20th March in partnership with Southwark Refugee Communities Forum. If you missed it – don’t worry! We have summarized the most prominent questions and answers in this article.

Awareness Campaign: Test Your Knowledge!

test your knowledge on Southwark's property licencing

In this article, we have compiled ten questions about property licensing. Take the test to assess your knowledge and see how much you know about property licensing in Southwark.

Campaña De Concientización: Una Lista De Sitios Web Útiles

En nuestros artículos anteriores, analizamos varios aspectos de la concesión de licencias de propiedad. Esta semana, hemos creado una lista de sitios web útiles. Entonces, si su propiedad no tiene licencia, esta lista lo ayudará a encontrar información más fácilmente.

Awareness Campaign: Rent Repayment Orders

Rent Repayment Orders

Perhaps you have heard of Rent Repayment Orders before. But what are these orders, really? In this article we will discuss what RROs are, how to apply for one and what you need to do to reclaim some of your rent back.

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